A garage is a building where cars are kept, repaired, or maintained, and they are mainly built next to or part of a house. Garages usually have doors that can be opened manually or operated by electric motors, and they are large enough to accommodate automobiles and several other vehicles. Some materials garage doors can be made from include wood, fiberglass, wood composite, glass, aluminum, and steel. Garage doors come in different designs and constructions, some of which include –

#1 Sectional Garage Doors

Commonly used in the United States, these garage door types are made up of panel sections that are hooked up with hinges. The bending of the garage door panel is made possible because of the hinges, which in turn affects the door opening. Wheels located at the end of each panel rolls within a vertical track on each side of the door opening, this occurs during the opening and closing of doors. Sectional garage doors move up vertical rails till it reaches the top of the garage door opening. After this, it starts bending and runs parallel to the garage ceiling, onward the horizontal track.

#2 Roll-up Garage Doors

Commonly found in commercial settings as against residential environments, these garage door types are mostly designed for areas with sparse ceiling space. Roll-up garage doors are constructed 2″-3″ steel slat sections that circles around a drum over the door opening. One of the significant reasons why roll-up doors are built is to prevent corrosion, freezing, and rust; also, to combat high performance and heavy usage units as they can be built without springs or enclosure. The sectional garage doors are always less expensive compared to the roll-up designs due to their heavy-duty nature.

#3 Slide To The Side Garage Doors

This is one of the earliest designs of garage doors; they are rarely seen around in these modern times. Instead of running parallel to the ceiling or bending arieyl upwards like the others, they slide to the side and roll parallel to the wall. They usually have the look of barn doors and are mainly made of wood and in some cases, galvanised steel. These garage door types have started gaining gradual recognition in recent times as they are used for garages with limited headroom or obstruction.

#4 Tilt-UpUp/Up and Over Canopy Garage Doors

The tilt-up garage canopy garage doors are designed more like the side-hinged models. Often made with one solid piece, they can be tilted up into the garage due to the presence of a pivoting hinge mechanism. When the door is open, the canopy style door extends past the house front and also sits parallel to the garage ceiling.

#5 Tilt-Upp/Up and Over Retractable Garage Doors

This garage door type is similar to the canopy garage door but with a slight difference. The tilt-up retractable garage door covers more space as compared to the canopy garage door due to its independent suspension from the frame. There is also no protrusion of any part of the door from your home when it’s open.