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Maintaining your Investment

Like your car, your new door will require a little care to maintain its appearance. It is recommended that the outside of your sectional or roller door should be cleaned, (recommended once a month using water and soft car brush or sponge) taking care to also clean the area above the lintel and top of the roll on roller doors, particularly in coastal environments.

In addition, all moving parts including springs and poles for doors and outer openers should be sprayed with Silicon 808 every 6 months. At this time all tracks should be cleared free of dust and any residue build-up and also sprayed with Silicon 808.

Coating your door with the appropriate wax will assist the longevity and appearance of the materials. For timber doors, we recommend frequent staining and oiling to preserve their natural finish. If you have any questions, we can advise you fully on how to maintain your door and keep its good looks.

Cedar Maintenance

Dominator Cedar Sectional doors are manufactured and supplied with one coat of Dryden's WoodOil. A second coat must be applied 3 months after installation and a 3rd coat six months after the 2nd coat.

WoodOil Maintenance

Re-application of WoodOil will be required when the surface exhibits signs of losing capability to “bead water” or colour tone is faded. Keep in mind that durability of water repellency & colour tone is proportional to the amount of WoodOil in the timber. Thicker timbers will require additional coats to offer this durability. For on-going preservation only, one coat should be applied every 5-8 years given appropriate initial coats.

We recommend annual washing of the surface to remove surface contaminants (dust, pollen etc) with clean water. This should also be done prior to any coats of WoodOil if in good maintenance. If for any reason maintenance has not been kept up, a stronger wash may be required prior to re-coating with WoodOil.


Clean up with mineral turpentine or hot water & detergent for spray equipment, brushes and clothes. These also help with over spray or accidental spillage on unwanted surfaces such as windows. Use a wiping rag on smooth surfaces and a brush on rough surfaces.


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