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Flush Mount Doors

The latest trend in Architectural Garage Doors.

This style of door is becoming increasingly popular, so much so that we believe it is the new trend for Architectural garage doors.

Our flush mount doors are custom clad in your choice of timber, and installed flush which allows the door to align with the garage cladding. This then provides the appearance that your garage door to almost seamlessly integrates to the front of your home; only to be noticed when the door actually begins to open.

All our architectural, custom doors are manufactured in our Bromley factory, using fully welded, box section frames and clad with your choice of product. For our flush mount range, due to the way that they are set up and installed, we do like to restrict ourselves to timber cladding, just due to the weight..

As with all of our other sectional door products, our flush mount sectional doors are also available with or without insulation.

Heavy-duty steel hinges and componentry are matched to the roll-formed galvanised steel frame for lasting strength, security and durability - a must for any garage door system. 

Dependent on your choice of cladding, it will either be glued or screwed, or both, to the frame. If it is glued, it is then clamped to the frame to ensure adequate adhesion. The high-tech glue used was especially designed for demanding industrial applications.

Made in New Zealand to suit New Zealand conditions, Dryden's WoodOilTM  clear base can be applied to all Timber Sectional Doors as a water-repellent, non-filming timber protector. See for more information.

With super quiet variable speed operation, belt drive options and feature rich design, Dominator Garage Door Openers are amongst the best in the world and professionally installed across New Zealand by trained authorised dealers.

Your Dominator garage door is not only positively locked by the opener gearing, it benefits from our revolutionary new garage opening transmitter system, TrioCodeTM 128.

Using the same 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security as relied upon by banks, (there's 309 trillion trillion code possibilities) it also transmits across three frequencies to overcome wireless interference issues.

Basically, you're 8 billion billion times more likely to win First Division Powerball than pick the correct TrioCodeTM 128 code combination - one less thing to worry about.

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